Photo Gallery - Fall Harvest



Rice ready to harvest!  



Schohr Ranch Harvest on the news! 



Rice unloading from combine 
into grain cart. 




Bankout loaded, waiting on trucks
 to get rice to town.   



Where rice goes when it leaves Schohr Ranch to be dried and stored. 

Rice going in the combine 


Our employee Shaun getting a picture of Ryan Schohr cutting rice in the combine. 



Combine loaded with rice, 
waiting on a grain cart.  


Cutting in front of the Sutter Buttes  


Harvest Moon 



September Harvest   




Harvest is beautiful!  



Rice samples sent to town to make sure it is ready to cut! 


 Unloaded at dryer and headed back to Schohr Ranch for another load.  




Moving back to the Schohr Ranch
to cut more rice! 


Rice going from grain cart into
trailers for the trip to town.  


Harvest in the dark!